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  • Sustainable Wood Cards

    Sustainable Wood Cards

    2021-10-16 [ Company News ]

         As one of the most professional leading manufacture in China to produce sustainable wood keycards in China, our high quality and excellent service help us to win a lots of market in this business.    Unlike traditional plastic material keycards, these wood cards are 100% plastic free, but have same performance on working. All of our wood cards are customized shape and size, a unique shape keys may help you stand out from your competitors, as well as impress your guests.     Our wood cards are widely used in hotel, Resort and Spa, as they c......


  • RFID Advantages for Restaurant

    RFID Advantages for Restaurant

    2012-10-25 [ Company News ]

    RFID Advantages for Restaurant    1. Restaurant operating costs are saved, reduce labor costs, reduce spending. The dining staff self-service dish selection, self checkout, save some tedious service link, restaurant waiter dining staff no longer need to order, send food and service work, occupation service was reduced, efficiency.    2. Innovative dining mode, marked price, fresh dishes, clearing and other services significantly enhance the transparency of the dining experience is bound to increase, increasing the number of dining groups.    3. Wisdom restaurant h......


  •  NXP Mifare UltraLight chip Brief Introduction

    NXP Mifare UltraLight chip Brief Introduction

    2020-02-23 [ Industry News ]

       NXP Mifare UltraLight chip Brief Introduction     Mifare UltraLight is also called MF0. It can be seen from the name UltraLight (ultralight) that it is a low-cost, small-capacity card. Low cost means that it is one of the lowest price chips in the market that comply with the ISO14443A protocol; small capacity means that its storage capacity is only 512bit (Mifare S50 has 8192bit). Mifare UltraLight's 512bit storage capacity is divided into 16 pages, each page contains 4 bytes, as shown in the figure below:     The first byte of Page0, Pa......


  • Comfortable RFID Wristbands Bracelet

    Comfortable RFID Wristbands Bracelet

    2021-10-25 [ Company News ]

           Still wear plastic hard wristbands tag?         Plastic is so hard, are they comfortable to wear?        Why not try our soft wristbands tags?             Now most of RFID tags in wristbands are in plastic, it’s wear so hard. The paper RFID tags is not so hard, but mostly they are in one time usage, the cost is too high. Is there a RFID tag wristbands wear soft but cost effective?       Ucard as one of the most professional RFID goods manufacturer in Chi......


  • Salto Brand Lock System Key Cards

    Salto Brand Lock System Key Cards

    2023-04-04 [ Industry News ]

    Salto is a company that provides access control solutions, including RFID cards. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) cards are a type of smart card that use radio waves to communicate with a reader.Salto's RFID cards are used for access control systems in buildings, hotels, and other facilities. These cards allow users to access locked doors, elevators, and other restricted areas by simply presenting the card to a reader. Salto's RFID cards come in different sizes, shapes, and materials to fit the needs of different organizations and users.Salto's RFID cards can also be programme......