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RFID Advantages for Restaurant

RFID Advantages for Restaurant

RFID Advantages for Restaurant

    1. Restaurant operating costs are saved, reduce labor costs, reduce spending. The dining staff self-service dish selection, self checkout, save some tedious service link, restaurant waiter dining staff no longer need to order, send food and service work, occupation service was reduced, efficiency.

    2. Innovative dining mode, marked price, fresh dishes, clearing and other services significantly enhance the transparency of the dining experience is bound to increase, increasing the number of dining groups.

    3. Wisdom restaurant has a competitive advantage that traditional restaurants do not have, to improve the quality of products and services on the basis of reducing costs. Dining and service staff can fully interact, and constantly improve the level of restaurant service.

    4. Through the convenience of the scientific management of smart dining table, you can analyze and predict the trend of dining, and gradually to avoid the situation of food waste.

    5. Consumer price tag, clear, intelligent and fast settlement.

    6. Fast and efficient, free to choose dishes, not long queues. Restaurants such as supermarket self-service shopping, fast and efficient.

    7. Safety and hygiene. Smart dining table and settlement system to provide the entire dining process transparent and the entire purchase process can be planned to the dining staff in the dining room walking routes, so that the canteen environment is more clean, clean, orderly.

    According to statistics, canteens, fast food restaurants, hot pot restaurants use smart dining table, operating efficiency increased by nearly 200%, labor costs decreased by nearly 40%.