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    Shen Zhen Ucard Co., LTD has 3 cards products: plastic cards, paper cards and sustainable wood cards. We do cards since 2012, our cards help us to win a lots of trust and reputable from our clients during these years. 

    In the year of 2014, the founder of Ucard forcost the sustainable wood cards will replace a lots of plastic cards, especially in hotel/spa/resort business. As plastic already threat our earth as well as our life. A research from IUCN say that the plastic already found in our water. This is a sign that the plastic already pollute our earth. In fact, there have more 9 000 000 000 tons white pollutions in our early, and each year has 380 000 000 ton plastic are produced each year. We should do something for our early and for our future, everyone try to consume less plastic. Under this situation, our founder tend to do the sustainable wood cards.

   So far we have 7 years sustainable wood cards production expereicne, we are one of leading wood cards manufacturer in China. Our quality and after-sale service help us to win a lots of market. We have hundreds clients replace their plastic cards to plastic-free cards. Now more and more environmentalist and comapnines join us to produce less plastic.