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Hotel Key Cards For Kaba Ilco
Hotel Key Cards For Kaba Ilco

Hotel Key Cards For Kaba Ilco

Product ID : Hotel Key Cards For Kaba Ilco
Product Description

Hotel Key Cards For Kaba Ilco

1. Size: CR80 3-3/8" x 2-1/8”

2. Material: beech/birch/cherry

3. Thickness: 1.5mm

4. Laser engraved: yes

5. Water Proof: yes

6. Chip: Mifare Ultralight C

7. Chip frequency: 13.56Mhz(HF)

8. Encode data: yes

9. Protocol: ISO14443A

10. Data storage time: more than 10 years

11. Reading distance: 2-10mm

12. Read and Write time: more than 200 000 times

13. Applications: Hotels, hotel room key cards, hotel employees

Why Choose Our Wooden material Hotel Key Cards:

1. Low cost: as we are in key cards business for more than 7 years, we have good resource in this filed

2. High quality: we have rich experience and mature technology. 

3. High security: wood hotel keys are impossible to be cloned, as they have unmatched lock interrogation features for security.

4. Durable: with a special film over the both sides of RFID key cards, our key cards can use a longer time than others’

5. Convenient: safer and more convenient conventional key cards

6. Support: RecycledCard always gives the newest generation of technologies to our clients.

7. Promise: all of our hotel key cards are in lifetime guaranteed.

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