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Sustainable Wooden Ntag215/216
Sustainable Wooden Ntag215/216 Sustainable Wooden Ntag215/216

Sustainable Wooden Ntag215/216

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this wooden tag wish Ntag216 or Ntag215 chip are widely used in event and club, they have same performance as plastic ntag. 

Product Description

Sustainable Wooden Ntag215/216:

1. Size: 38 x 25mm

2. Material: FSC certificated wood

3. Thickness: from 1mm to 5mm

4. Printed logo: yes

5. Waterproof: yes

6. Chip: Ntag213/Ntag215/Ntag216 and others

7. Chip frequency: 13.56Mhz(HF)

8. Working Temp: -30~+70°C

9. Data storage time: more than 10 years

10. Reading distance: 2-10mm

11. Read and Write time: more than 200 000 times

12. Availability: any shape and size tag are available from us 

13. Features: replace plastic keys without any issues

14. Free samples are available upon your request: yes

Our affodalbe sustainable wooden Ntag Advantages:

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat.

2. Compatible with the position where plastic ntag use directly.

3. 100% plastic free, the most eco friendly keys on the market.

4. Customized various size and shapes are available from us.

5. Wooden raw materials are FSC certificated.

6. To replace traditional plastic ntag without any issues.

7. Waterproof 

8. Cheap and competitive price

9. Life time guaranteed

Our New sustainable key cards: CORK CARD

Foldable, durable and sustainable wooden RFID cards.jpg

       A special wooden material, which is foldable and flexible, they have plastic key cards advantages: very durable and mult-time use(theoretically about 200 000 times), and have wooden key cards advantage: 100% plastic free.

These cork cards are the most successful key cards on the word, especial our earth is under so much plastic pollution every seconds. 

      Wood Spa keys mostly in laser engraved logo, as they looks more natural and sustainable, as well as cheaper, all the smell is wood. Comopared to plastic keys, wood keys can not be stored in many years, but as keys they are totally ok to store 2 years, during this time your Spa already consume all of them. 

Our New Paper Key Cards: PAPER CARDS

Accor Hotel Paper keycards.JPG

     Paper Cards is another way to choose for your sustainable keycards, paper Spa & Resort keys have same performance as plastic keys, they are cheaper than sustainable wood keys. 

Our Paper Spa keys are provide full color printing and Pantone(PMS) printing from different printing quality grade. As cost-effective sustainable keys, paper keys are widely used in different applications. Don't be afraid of our paper keys to wet to unwork, they have film to protect on both sides.

     Ucard provide stock for our clients, clients can put their keys in our stock for free, when clients need keys in urgent, we can send their keys to them on the next working days, clients can receive their keys in about 4 working days. 

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