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1 Hotel Wood Room Keys
1 Hotel Wood Room Keys

1 Hotel Wood Room Keys

Product ID : 1 Hotel Wood Room Keys
Product Description

1 Hotel Wood Room Keys 

1. Size: 2’’ diameter

2. Thickness: 48mil and others

3. Material: cherry

4. Printing: engraved logo

5. Chip: RFID chips to be comparable with Safelock system

6. Other Crafts: personal information, thermal printing serial number, engraved numbers, barcode, magnetic stripe and more

7. Applications: all the 1 hotel branches in the US

These 1 hotel wood room keys have been encoded data and works with Safelock system.There has more shapes are available according to your request. They are also can be applied in other hotel systems, like Kaba Ilco, Salto, Adel, Onity and more.

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