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Sustainable Wooden Magnetic Stripe Cards

Sustainable Wooden Magnetic Stripe Cards

                                                              Sustainable Wooden Magnetic Stripe Cards

    There are many applications use magnetic stripe technology. The first time use magnetic stripe cards, someone also call magstripe cards or swipe cards, was in London in the year of 1960. During these 60 years, the magnetic stripe technology provides the ideal solution to many aspects of our life. 

    Measured in Oersteds, coercivity is the measure of how difficult it is to encode data in the magnetic stripe. 


Represents the ability the magnetic stripe to resist accidental erasure of any encoded data. The higher the value of the coercivity the better the resistance.

Low Coercivity(LoCo)

Lowest resistance to accidental erasure. This is the lowest cost material and is commonly found in gift cards or other short term use cards

Medium Coercivity(MedCo)

Intermediate resistance to accidental erasure. This stripe is closer in price to the high coercivity. Commonly found in hotel key cards

High Coercivity(HiCo)

Highest resistance to accidental erasure. Made in both 2750oe and 4000oe versions this tape is commonly used for access control, banking, and loyalty.


This is the distance between each of the magnetic stripes on the sheet. It can be the same distance across the sheets or vary depending on your finishing equipment.


Wood overlay can be coated with a water based or solvent based glue. These coatings ensure proper adhesion between the ink and overlay.

Debit Stripe

This is a special 4000oe stripe with a high readback voltage(greater than ISO readback) that is used for stored value transactions.

From above chart you can find that the advantage of high coercivity, it’s harder to encode data on the stripe, that also means it’s more difficult to erase the data. That’s why more people tend to choose HiCo( high coercivity). 

    Commonly the width of magnetic stripe is 3.175mm, 8.4mm and 12.7mm, the colors of magnetic stripe has many to choose: black, brown, silver, gold, blue red… You can tell us which color you like before you order. 

    In the past, most of magnetic stripe cards are plastic(PVC), it’s known that PVC is not a earth friendly material. Few years ago, there has paper magnetic stripe cards on the market, as more and more people care about our environment. RecycledCard always has a strong willingness to protect our environment, so we develop 100% PVC free cards: wooden magnetic stripe cards, these biodegradable wooden cards can totally instead current plastic cards without any disturbances. Free wooden card samples can be sent to you for testing firstly.