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Eco Friendly Hotel Key Cards
Eco Friendly Hotel Key Cards

Eco Friendly Hotel Key Cards

Product Description

Eco Friendly Hotel Key Cards Specifications

1. Shape: credit card

2. Thickness: 48mil and others

3. Material: bamboo

4. Size: 85.5mm x 54mm

5. Printing on both sides: yes

6. Chip: RFID chips to be comparable with majority lock system

7. Other Crafts: personal information, thermal printing serial number, engraved numbers, barcode, magnetic stripe and more

8. Applications: Spa/Resorts/Hotel lock system, access control, payment, membership

These amazing key cards are sustainable and eco friendly which personalized by a honorable hotel. That eco friendly key cards give deep impression on their guests. And the guests indeed remember this hotel. When you stay this hotel, you already do something for our earth, because traditional plastic material keys are harmful to our earth. 

From here you can also have your personalized shape eco friendly key cards, if you are willing to do something on our earth monther, because these wooden material is the most eco friendly one on the market. 

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