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13.56MHz MIFARE® Plus S 4K RFID Smart Card
13.56MHz MIFARE® Plus S 4K RFID Smart Card

13.56MHz MIFARE® Plus S 4K RFID Smart Card

Product ID : Mifare Plust S 4K
Product Description

13.56MHz MIFARE® Plus S 4K RFID Smart Card

MIFARE Plus S: Upgrade MIFARE Classic installations to AES security. Reduced features compared to MIFARE Plus X to simplify system integration efforts by maintaining benchmark security needs

Electronic Specifications:

1. Chip: Mifare® Plus S 4K

2. Fully ISO/IEC 14443 type A  compliant

3. Simple fixed memory structure compatible with Mifare Classic® 1K and Mifare Classic® 4K

4. EEPROM size(byte): 4k

5. Write endurance(typical cycles): 200 000 times

6. Anti-tear function for writing AES keys

7. Data Retention: 10 years

8. Bit-rate(Kbit/s): 848

9. 7-Byte Unique Identifier(UID) or 4-Byte Non Unique Identifier(NUID) and random IDs

10. Supports virtual card concept

11. Multi-sector authentication, Multi-block read and write

15. Frequency: 13.56MHz(HF)

16. Reading distance: 3-10cm

17: NXP originality signature to prove MIFARE® Plus genuineness

Physical Specifications: 

1. Material: Wooden

2. Diameter: 50mm, or customized size

3. Thickness: 1.5 mm

4. Waterproof: Yes

5. Laser engraved logo: yes

6. Available options: signature panel, hole punching, barcode(QR/39/128/and others), laser engraving, UV printing, scratch off material, LoCo/HiCo magnetic stripe and more

7. Applications: Season passes, Payment, Gym/Club/Spa memberships, loyalty & Promotion, access control and security, employee Identification, Time & attendance, Library card, Parking, Ticketing, hotel room keys, Photo ID, credentials, key cards, mass transit, stored value, dining/vending, hospitality, casino

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